Episodes tagged "YANTRA"

AWIL 166Thu, 2015-12-03 19:40

AWIL 2/12/15 Formidable flamenco & rumba guitar duo De Fuego left us breathless and awestruck with their live... See details

AWIL 137Thu, 2014-12-11 18:19

AWIL 137 Talented singer/songwriter Roshi featuring Pars Radio was our guest on this A World In London, bringing her... See details

AWIL 129Mon, 2014-10-13 17:08

Uber cool global tunes & DJ Ritu in the mix on AWIL/CC 129 8/10/14 http://soasradio.org/content/awil-129 A... See details

AWIL 128Tue, 2014-10-07 18:47

Fresh and awesome a?cappella trio YANTRA, live at AWIL! Hear their debut album, A Journey Through Timelessness, an... See details