Episodes tagged "US"

"Tastes like a piece of heaven". Farming, and ecological and moral scienceFri, 2017-11-24 06:28

What is good food? A conversation about farming and ways of knowing in the US and Bangladesh Megan, a PhD researcher... See details

Behind the Spirit, Episode 2Wed, 2013-01-30 19:37

In this podcast, you can listen to just a few of the highlights you can expect from the next edition of the Spirit,... See details

Lisa Hajjar on 'Lawfare and Targeted Killing: A comparative analysis of Israeli and US policies and their challengers'Wed, 2013-01-23 12:11

On the 15th of January 2013, Lisa Hajjar gave a talk at SOAS on 'Lawfare and Targeted Killing: A comparative analysis... See details

'E Pluribus Human: Patriotism and Human Rights in the United States' - Dorothy Q ThomasSun, 2011-07-10 18:46

Dorothy Q Thomas discusses patriotism and human rights in the United States, ahead of her return to the country after... See details

Rhythms of Resistance: "The real criminal is the COP" Fri, 2010-03-26 02:00

Hip Hop and the Police. Hip Hop has always reserved a special treatment to the embodiment of repression in poor... See details