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CISD Presents: New Beings and Women's Empowerment Group in discussion with Baroness Valerie AmosWed, 2018-10-31 21:00

"We have to be able to recognize that we have discrimination in our society, that there is prejudice and that we are... See details

S.U. Voicebox Season 2: The New SabbsMon, 2018-07-16 17:20

The new SU sabbatical officers/Co-presidents for 2018-19 introduce themselves: Hau-Yu (Democracy & Education),... See details

Pieces of Peace: Episode 2Mon, 2018-03-26 16:24

Considering Pieces of Peace is about combating negative broadcasting, this episode will focus towards breaking the... See details

Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century - Interview with Prof. Kathryn SikkinkThu, 2018-02-22 10:27

In this podcast, Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri (Director of the Centre on Conflict, Rights and Justice at SOAS) talks to Prof.... See details

LIVE: Family, School & Hollywood: the Kind of Romance We Learned ft. Sugandha Parmar & Srishti Guru KrishnakumarTue, 2017-12-05 17:32

Our first LIVE show had Ruchi chatting with SOAS's very own Sugandha Parmar & Srishti Guru Krishnakumar - talking... See details

Lost in the Wider Picture Episode 2 - Jewish Rebel FootprintsFri, 2017-12-01 16:42

In this episode, Giacomo Paoloni interviews David Rosenberg, an Islington-based and Hackney-bred activist, educator and... See details

Nehera Sounds Episode 7 - Insitu RecordingsMon, 2017-11-27 12:09

Nehera Sounds brings you music from across the globe from a new region, genre or featured artist. Every Episode will... See details

Episode 2: Shame on Sex EducationWed, 2017-10-18 10:51

Does sex education only mean ‘reproduction’, ‘organs’ and ‘hormones’ – or is it more? Are unfiltered... See details

SOAS Refugee Forum - Episode #4: “The Struggle for Safety”Fri, 2017-06-16 16:59

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Greetings from SOAS Radio. As you’re possibly aware, June 20 is World Refugee Day. On... See details

Kalia (SOAS Concert Series) - 02/02/2017Fri, 2017-05-12 19:43

Contemporary music from Crete Singer, songwriter and song-collector, Kalia, presents contemporary music of her... See details

Big Up Better 2: Migrant Connections FestivalWed, 2017-03-15 15:47

Welcome to Big Up Better, take two! This is a series discussing social justice issues and the easy everyday actions... See details

CISD Annual Law Lecture: Françoise Hampson - Should we be worried about the health of international law?Tue, 2017-03-14 14:26

Françoise Hampson, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Essex Making rules and adhering to them has underpinned... See details

Movimientos 15/2/17 w/ new Ondatropica, La Mambanegra, Chancha via Circuito, CarimbomboFri, 2017-02-17 19:40

Another show packed full of goodness from the Latin alternative world from hot tropical bangers to deep cumbia, folkore... See details

CISD Lunchtime Sessions: The Indian Caste System - What's Next?Mon, 2017-01-23 20:44

At CISD we benefit from wonderful lectures, but our students themselves can also offer unique perspectives. We have a... See details

The Chilcot Inquiry: Lessons for Strategy? Talk by Sir Roderic LyneFri, 2016-12-09 12:56

Chaired by Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri of SOAS, Sir Roderic Lyne, member of the Iraq inquiry committee and Ms Bronwen Maddox,... See details

CISD: David C. Unger - Explaining the American Election: How it Happened, What It Means, and Where Do We Go from Here?Sat, 2016-11-26 21:15

In this talk, David C. Unger delves into the complexities of the US election. He discusses its immediate causes,... See details

CISD: Reflections on the Islamic State and CaliphateFri, 2016-11-25 17:46

In this talk Dr. Dawood Azami of the BBC World Service and Malise Ruthven a contributor to the New York Review of Books... See details

CISD: Anti-Corruption in Adverse ContextsFri, 2016-11-11 18:36

In this talk, Dr Pallavi Roy, Mushtaq Khan and Antonio Andreoni discuss Anti-corruption strategies in adverse... See details

Southern Cone Quintet (SOAS Concert Series) - 04/11/2016Fri, 2016-11-11 16:18

Sounds & inspirations from Argentina, Uruguay & Chile. Southern Cone Quintet takes its name from the... See details

Namlo (SOAS Concert Series) - 21/10/2016Wed, 2016-10-26 11:49

Namlo: Nepali folk music reinvented Namlo is the only London-based Nepali band, committed to raise the profile of... See details

SOAS SU Lecture Series: Decolonising the UniversityWed, 2016-02-24 21:01

Introductory statements were made by Neelam Chhara, Co-founder of Decolonising Our Minds and final year politics... See details

Interview with SOAS Director Valerie AmosWed, 2015-12-16 20:03

The new SOAS Director Valerie Amos came to SOAS Radio for her first interview 3 months into her new job - we talked... See details

WOMAD 2015 - In conversation with DizraeliTue, 2015-10-13 15:35

WOMAD 2015 - In conversation with Dizraeli We had a chance to briefly chat to Bristol based poet, MC, guitarist and... See details

Class 13 - Meeting Hatsune Miku @HYPERJAPANFri, 2015-07-10 20:39

School of Otaku and Anime Studies Class 13 ? Meeting Hatsune Miku @HYPERJAPAN Who lives in London has surely many... See details

Episode 8: Arirang Special (Part 2)Tue, 2015-03-24 20:10

 Episode 8: Arirang Special (Part 2) by Soas Radio on Mixcloud This is a continuation form the Arirang... See details

Impunity in the Killing of Journalists and Other Threats to Press Freedom TodayFri, 2015-03-20 19:26

On the 17th of March, Joel Simon and Elisabeth Witchel discussed the increasing threat presented to press freedom, news... See details

Midnight at the Pera Palace: The Birth of Modern IstanbulFri, 2015-03-13 20:57

On the 9th of March, Professor Charles King gave a talk on his new book, 'Midnight at the Pera Palace: The Birth of... See details

Feminist Diplomacy: Our Man in...Fri, 2015-03-13 19:59

On the 3rd of March, Dr Susan Harris Rimmer gave a talk on gender in the field of diplomacy studies. The talk focuses... See details

World Radio Day London 2015: Radio and International Development talkMon, 2015-03-02 12:59

World Radio Day London 2015: Radio and International Development talk Panel discussion held on World Radio Day, 13th... See details

The United Nations Special Procedures System: the Challenges of Human Rights ImplementationFri, 2015-02-27 21:41

On the 25th of February, the 13th Annual Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen International Law lecture was held in association with... See details

Nuclear Weapons vs. Humanitarian ImperativeFri, 2015-02-27 21:03

On the 24th of February, a panel comprised of Rebecca Sharkey, Sarah Graham-Brown and Dr Dan Plesch led a seminar that... See details

Preserving the Rule of Law in the Commonwealth: the role of the legal community?Fri, 2015-02-27 19:26

On the 17th of February, Professor Peter Slinn gave a talk on the British Commonwealth and the Rule of Law from a... See details

Post-2015 UN Development: Making Change Happen? Fri, 2015-01-23 23:21

On the 20th of January, Dr Laura Hammond chaired a discussion featuring the content of the newly released book,... See details

Sovereignty and JusticeFri, 2015-01-16 21:20

On the 13th of January, Dr Mark S. Ellis gave a talk on the topic of his new book, "Sovereignty and Justice: Balancing... See details

The Leaderless RevolutionThu, 2015-01-15 21:33

On the 3rd of December, Carne Ross gave a lecture on his experience and work as a diplomat, challenging both the... See details

Experiences from Iraq: What Really Went WrongFri, 2014-12-05 16:52

Experiences from Iraq: What Really Went Wrong: SOAS SU Current Affairs Lecture Series The chaos in Iraq has its... See details

Divestment Digest - Episode 3Thu, 2014-11-27 21:06

For the third episode of the Fossil Free SOAS ?Divestment Digest? we were joined by Bill McKibben, a co-founder of the... See details

Reinforcing International Criminal Justice: Building on the Work of the 1943-48 UN War Crimes Commission (UNWCC)Thu, 2014-11-20 20:35

On the 19th of November a panel comprised of Professor Kevin Jon Heller, Shanti Sattler, Dr Mark Ellis, Dr Lutz Oette,... See details

Making Corporations AccountableThu, 2014-11-20 20:09

On the 11th of November, Jack Blum gave a lecture about the challenges of Corporate Accountability and Limited... See details

Divestment Digest - Episode 2Wed, 2014-11-05 22:27

For the second show of the Fossil Free SOAS ?Divestment Digest?, we meet with representatives from Fossil Free UCL and... See details

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