Episodes tagged "Polysics"

TOKYO SOUNDSCAPE 19th March 2012 Tue, 2012-03-20 19:53

Rory reaches into his latest grab bag of audible treats and pulls out new material from the likes of Polysics,... See details

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 11Wed, 2011-04-06 20:43

Tokyo Soundscape's got it covered with this special show dedicated to tributes and renditions of pclassic hits by... See details

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 4Tue, 2009-06-16 03:00

This week, Chris and Rory bring you jeggae by the Bonobows, as well as tracks from Polysics and Number Girl. See details

Tokyo Soundscape "Rock" Sat, 2009-02-14 02:00

In episode two, Rory ventures further into the Pick 'n' Mix of Japanese music, playing old favourites the Polysics... See details