Episodes tagged "hardcore"

SOAS Wednesday Sessions 82 - 1988Wed, 2018-10-03 18:33

It's the beginning of the Second Summer of Love!! DJ Manul and DJ Isuru have brought out their favourite dance tunes... See details

SWS 73 - Hardcore SpecialWed, 2018-04-04 22:35

DJ Isuru and DJ Manul play the finest in Hardcore See details

SWS 71 - Hardcore ContinuumWed, 2018-03-21 20:23

DJ Manul takes control and drops some old and new tracks along the Hardcore Continuum See details

A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Acid House/HardcoreSun, 2018-02-04 15:41

This first episode takes a look at the origins of UK rave culture, as always playing the most prolific tunes from the... See details

SWS 28 - Hardcore SpecialWed, 2016-11-23 19:57

In this weeks Wednesday Sessions, DJ Isuru and DJ Manuel go raving and celebrate the Hardcore genre of the late 80s to... See details

New York City Ramblings 6Tue, 2012-02-21 02:00

As the hitherto isolated hip-hop scene in South Bronx is leapt upon by producers, critics and art collectors alike, new... See details