Episodes tagged "Endangered Languages Week"

Scissor Dance - Jose Navarro (Pishtaco)Thu, 2012-05-03 11:07

The Scissor Dance is a traditional dance of Peru, often performed during religious and non-religious festivals. As part... See details

Sand Drawings of Vanuatu - Mike FranjiehWed, 2012-05-02 19:31

Sand drawing is a unique art form only found in the Vanuatu archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. They are a unique... See details

Language Landscape Website LaunchWed, 2012-05-02 19:31

Last year (2011), Language Landscape looked at London's languages and provided participants/viewers/listeners with an... See details

Endangered Languages Week 2011: Jeff Good InterviewFri, 2011-06-24 17:29

Jeff Good - Professor of Linguistics at the University Of Buffalo discusses his fieldwork in Cameroon and his recent... See details

Endangered Languages Week 2011: Peter Austin InterviewTue, 2011-06-07 19:08

Armando Conte speaks with Peter Austin - a Professor of Linguistics at SOAS and Director of the Endangered Languages... See details

Endangered Languages Week 2011: London's Language LandscapeFri, 2011-05-06 13:15

Nick and Sam, MA Linguistic students at SOAS, preview a handful of recordings made as part of London?s Language... See details

Malin Petzell talks about Kagulu Mon, 2010-03-01 02:00

SOAS researcher Malin Petzell introduces Kagulu, a language in Tanzania that is being squeezed by the state-promotion... See details

Endangered Languages Week 2010: Interview With Dr. Friederike L?pke Mon, 2010-02-22 02:00

In this podcast, Dr Friederike L?pke, acting Director of the Endangered Languages Project at SOAS, introduces the... See details

Endangered Languages Week: Interview with Professor Peter K. Austin, Director: Endangered Languages Academic Programme, SOAS Wed, 2009-02-18 02:00

As part of Endangered Languages Week 2008, OpenAir interviews Professor Peter K. Austin, the director of the Endangered... See details

Maurizio Gnerre: Huave Wed, 2009-02-18 02:00

Maurizio Gnerre from the University of Naples discusses Huave, the language isolate spoken by the Huave people in... See details

Julia Sallabank: Guernsey French Wed, 2009-02-18 02:00

Julia Sallabank discusses Guernesiais, a variety of Norman French which is only spoken fluently by around 2% of the... See details