Episodes tagged "Baloji"

AWIL 110Wed, 2014-02-05 17:38

Brand new global albums from Slovakia, Finland, and Cuba come under the spotlight in this AWIL! A World In London... See details

AWIL 107 SpecialTue, 2014-01-21 21:13

Congolese superstar Baloji in interview with DJ Ritu on this A World In London special! A World In London is live on... See details

Stop Making Sense - Episode 75Mon, 2012-03-26 18:46

THE STORY OF MADERA'S LIFE, CHAPTER 3, VOL 986Spending most of your life running clubs ain't necessarily the most... See details

Rita's World - Episode 27Wed, 2012-03-21 15:00

  Its all about the DRC - guitars, singers, rumba, soukous... It's just great music. Enjoy... See details

Rita's World - Episode 21Tue, 2012-02-07 19:44

Tropical sounds to warm the feet and heart with Cumbia and Palenque from Colombia, Cuban nu skool. A couple of terrific... See details

A World in London - Episode 29Wed, 2012-02-01 23:05

Calypso monarch, Alexander D. Great, made his first appearance on A World In London today. Armed with just acoustic... See details

A World in London - Episode 28Thu, 2012-01-26 13:25

New music for the New Year, as DJ Ritu unleashes the latest crop of CDs from across the globe, and re-visits some of... See details

Rita's World: Episode 19Mon, 2012-01-23 21:35

My usual journey through the world of music, new releases, old faves, whats up and whats floating my boat. Norway,... See details

Rita's World Series 2 Episode 18Mon, 2012-01-09 19:53

A farewell to 2011 with some artists that hit the spot including Lucas Santtana and Anoushka Shankar. Then some... See details

A World In London - Episode 23Tue, 2011-12-06 19:58

Exceptionally brilliant CDs abound this week on A World In London as we get ready to round off 2011. Coming up on... See details

Rita's World Season 2 Episode 10Mon, 2011-08-15 17:25

Summer is here and it's a festival vibe featuring Baloji, Eliza Carthy, Banda Black Rio and De Lata. Artist ... See details