Episodes tagged "annual lecture"

CAS Annual Lecture 2014Thu, 2014-06-19 17:21

"We believe that intensifying peaceful civil disobedience is not only ethically justifiable but morally necessary? -... See details

CISD Annual Lecture 2013: 'On Climate Change: A war by other means'Mon, 2013-08-05 18:36

The 2013 CISD Annual Lecture was presented by John Ashton CBE. Mr Ashton is a distinguished diplomat with more than 30... See details

2012 CAS Annual Lecture: 'What Picasso Knew: Highlighting Contemporary African Art'Thu, 2012-10-18 18:00

Centre of African Studies annual lecture given on 23rd May 2012. Sokari Douglas Camp (b. 1958 lives and works in... See details

2011 CAS Annual Lecture: 'Indigenous Languages and the African Renaissance'Wed, 2012-10-17 18:22

The 2011 Centre of African Studies annual lecture given on 21st June 2011. Tope Omoniyi, PhD, is a Professor of... See details

'North Africa and the Emerging Security Challenges of the 21st Century' - Jamie SheaSun, 2011-07-10 18:56

NATO official Jamie Shea delivers the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy's annual lecture, speaking on... See details