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SPID (Social Political Innovative Direct) Theatre Company is an award-winning youth charity that champions high quality community art on council estates. Based in the Community Rooms of Kensal House estate, we specialise in engaging hard-to-reach audiences with heritage, the arts and each other. Our approach to dramatising local peoples' shared past yields multiple benefits by fostering communal pride, making history relevant and championing artistic innovation. SPID Theatre's groundbreaking work has achieved National press - as shown by their interviews on London Live and BBC radio London , and the BBC's documentary about their Clore prize winning heritage project, Trellick Tales.

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Kensington Stories: Summer in the CityMon, 2017-09-18 12:18

Indigo Avonmore, London’s premier private detectorist, waits patiently for a case to crack, until finally he is... See details