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The web has rethought almost everything - politics, commerce, media, information, development, data, finance and more. So it’s easy to understand why the concepts around digital futures are at the forefront of today’s global debates.

What was once the secret knowledge of a few guys with Computer Science or IT specialisations, now affect us all on a personal level and is shifting the paradigm of the global economy.

Tune in every 2 weeks for conversations on the future of digital technologies and their global impact.

We look forward to shaping global digital futures at SOAS.

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Cultural Nuances & India's Digital EconomyFri, 2018-11-30 16:40

We speak with Soum Paul about Cultural Nuances & India’s Digital Economy. Soum is the CoFounder and CEO of... See details

Global Digital Futures: Research & Technology in Hard to Reach LocationsFri, 2018-11-16 16:35

We speak with Lecturer Matti Pohjonen about Research & Technology in Hard to Reach Locations. Matti is an academic... See details