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A podcast inspired by creative women of colour for all to tune in- hosted by Veronica Kimani. Sharing music, stories, and conversations on wellbeing and self love to celebrate, affirm and grow together with every inspiring guest on each new episode.

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Episode 3: Mindful Eating, Women in Entrepreneurship and Living wholesomely through Nutrition, In conversation with Kajuju.Tue, 2018-08-07 16:06

Joined At the Table by organic food entrepreneur Kajuju to discuss her journey with mindful eating and how she turned... See details

Episode 2: 'Breath is so Powerful'Thu, 2017-11-23 15:20

Episode 2 : “Breath is so powerful”   Joined At the table with Tania Nishat Botero- a good friend and... See details

Episode 1: ‘An Ode to Self Care- reflections and music’ joined by Amarachi Ninette IhekeMon, 2017-09-18 15:30

I'm joined by the really inspiring Ninette Amarachi Iheke for the first episode of a conversion we recorded earlier... See details