World Radio Day 2017 Podcast Series: Interview with Steve Lipscombe Thu, 2017-02-09 12:53

In the build up to the World Radio Day Event 2017 the SOAS Radio Team will be interviewing community radio, representatives of communication for development organisations, radio industry professionals and academics on this years theme of ‘Radio and Global Transitions’ in a series of podcasts.

In this episode Anna Ruth talks with Steve Lipscombe, the Development Manager at BBC Media Action. He has contributed to research and projects including Climate Asia, Earthquake Relief in Nepal as well as continued work in combating deforestation.

Steve talked about the role radio of in natural disasters and the rebuilding that takes place afterwards, involving communities in the dissemination of information, different formats for radio content to deliver information and the way in which media and radio can be used to hold institutions accountable.

The World Radio London 2017 event will be hosted by SOAS Radio on Friday 10th February, in the Brunei Gallery at SOAS, University of London from 3-8pm.

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