World Radio Day 2014: The Challenges of the Zimbabwean Media Landscape Thu, 2014-02-13 17:58

For World Radio Day 2014, Gerry Jackson, the founder of SWRadio Africa speaks about her work in the field of radio and the challenges the profession has presented. Originally from Zimbabwe, Jackson faced extreme opposition from Mugabe after opening the first independent radio station in the country. After being forced to shut down her radio station after only 6 days Jackson came up with the idea to set up shop in London and broadcast back to Zimbabwe. Her station, SWRadioAfrica aims to provide high quality, independent broadcasting to Zimbabwe on the political, social and economic situation and engages its Zimbabwean audience using a variety of mediums such as the ?call-back system?. In this podcast, Gerry shares her experiences working as a radio journalist in a fraught political situation, the obstacles SWRadio Africa faces and the positive contributions she feels radio and social media can make.

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Presenter: Valerie Giesen; Speaker: Gerry Jackson