World Radio Day 2014: Catch-Up with SOAS Radio Thu, 2014-02-13 18:10

For World Radio Day 2014, join Olivia Winters as she sits down with Station Manager Mary Thackray, and part of this year?s radio team- Peter Nygaard Christensen, Cassandra Balosso-Bardin, and Nazli Kassem. Not only will you hear about some of the exciting projects SOAS Radio has done in the past, but you will be introduced to the wonderful and diverse world happening at the station. From the radio show ?Bagpipes Galore?, to exploring radio in Egypt, this year?s team proves to be an eclectic and motivated bunch. Come with us as we explore the importance of radio as a social platform and what the present and future hold for SOAS Radio!

Catch-Up with SOAS Radio Presenter: Olivia Jane Winters; Speakers: Cassandre Balosso-Bardin; Nazli Kassem, Mary Thackray, Peter Nygaard Christensen