Transnational corporations and global capitalism: reflections on the last forty years Thu, 2013-03-07 13:34

On 29 January 2013, Hugo Radice gave a talk on ‘Transnational corporations and global capitalism’, looking at the changes that have taken place in the nature and scope of TNCs and their role in global capitalism over the past four decades. He further analysed how the academic study of TNCs developed in this period in relation to different academic fields, in parallel with the evolution of his own viewpoint.

Hugo radice is a political economist who has worked mainly on transnational corporations and the world economy, on socialist theory and practice, and recently on the current global crisis. Publications on the topic of his seminar include “Transnational corporations” (in: B Fine, A Saad-Filho & M Boffo, The Elgar Companion to Marxist Economics, Edward Elgar 2012) and ‘International Firms and Modern Imperialism’ (Penguin 1975).