The Lost World vs The Lost City Of Z Wed, 2017-05-10 17:09

Welcome to the Sound Barrier, from the world famous Silent London silent movie website, in association with SOAS Radio.  On this podcast Pamela Hutchinson (editor of Silent London) and Peter Baran partner a new-release movie with a classic from the silent era and let them fight until we find a winner. In this instalment the two contenders in the ring are both movies inspired by the British explorer Percy Fawcett: James Gray’s The Lost City of Z (2017) and Harry O Hoyt’s The Lost World (1925).

We’ll be talking about dinosaurs, derring-do and disease – also singing the praises of Wallace Beery and Sienna Miller. Have a listen!

Presented by: Pamela Hutchinson and Peter Baran. Edited and Produced by Pamela Hutchinson