The Impostors - EP7 - The Art of Multitasking Wed, 2018-11-21 13:34

Doing a PhD is not an isolated activity: to progress with our careers whilst staying sane (and funded!) we often have to do a range of other things. In this month’s discussion, we hear from two expert multitaskers on how to achieve a work-life balance, and how to cope when things can start to feel overwhelming.

About the guests:

Karla Cervantes Barrón is currently doing her PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, looking at Energy Services across different countries: Apart from doing her PhD, she is currently finishing her year as President of Corpus Christi MCR, organising events as Head of Workshops for CUSPE and tries to keep active in sports and in social life.

Marcello Francioni is a 4th year Anthropology student at SOAS: When he’s not trying to unravel the mysteries of the service business of Tokyo’s gay bars, selling some expensive organic skincare product, or teaching the (SOAS undergrad) kids how anthropology is done, he mostly sleeps or watches Netflix. Often both at the same time.

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