The Studen Union Lecture Series 5: Unsettling Whiteness Fri, 2015-11-13 17:20

The Decolonising Our Minds Society is delighted to host renowned academic Barnor Hesse from Northwestern University.

Barnor Hesse will explore what whiteness is as a social identity, political practice etc. We will consider how does whiteness manifest and become naturalised in spaces of learning and academic settings and what historical circumstances and dynamics gave rise to its creation. How was whiteness intended to lend itself to strategies and modes of domination? And finally, how do we make whiteness an object of analysis?

Barnor Hesse will deliver a talk entitled ?Recalcitrant Whiteness of Being? and this will be followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Dr. Barnor Hesse is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at Northwestern University. He formerly taught at the University of East London. He is author of ‘Creolizing the Political: Western Lineages of Raceocracy’ (forthcoming); editor of ‘Unsettled Multiculturalisms: Diasporas, Entanglements, Transruptions’ & co-author of ‘Beneath the Surface: Racial Harassment’. He has written widely on critical race theory and Black political thought and is currently working on a book entitled ‘8 White Identities; 2 White Regimes’.