Stack 44: Theatre for a Change LIVE Tue, 2013-02-12 14:30

Theatre for a Change LIVE

SOAS Radio & Theatre for a Change present ?STACK 44?, a new piece of interactive radio drama. This show was produced collectively by a group of SOAS students who have received training in how to facilitate touch tag interactive theatre for work with at risk groups, led by Theatre for a Change. The story follows the early student days of an undergraduate called Rachel who gets involved with an older student and things spiral out of control.

‘STACK 44’ addresses issues around sex, gender and relationships and examines how, when our ability to assert what we want is compromised, a lot can be at risk. Following the broadcast of the drama, listeners took over the story live on-air and had the chance to advocate for characters that needed help. This included calls from listeners in Ghana and Malawi as well as SOAS students.

The broadcast concludes with a panel discussion where the issues raised were addressed by Alison Barty of SOAS Student Services, Patrick Young of Theatre for a Change and two actors involved in the production of ‘STACK 44’.


Sofera (Edit) – Rajery
Life (Walaahi) – R2Bees
Stack 44 radio drama
No Condition is Permanent – Marijata
Sofera – Rajery

The discussion continues on Twitter: #tfaclive
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