Sovereignty and Justice Fri, 2015-01-16 21:20

On the 13th of January, Dr Mark S. Ellis gave a talk on the topic of his new book, “Sovereignty and Justice: Balancing the Principle of Complementarity between International and Domestic War Crimes Tribunals”. Dr Ellis discusses the critical issues facing international criminal justice and makes practical, forward-looking propositions on how to make the system of international law more efficient. Dr Ellis is the Executive Director of the International Bar Association (IBA), leading the foremost international organisation of bar associations, law firms and individual lawyers in the world. He served as Legal Advisor to the Independent International Commission on Kosovo, and was appointed by OSCE to advise on the creation of Serbia?s War Crimes Tribunal. He was actively involved with the Iraqi High Tribunal and is a member of the Disciplinary Advisory Panel to the Defense Counsel for the ICTY and ICTR. Dr Ellis was admitted to the List of Assistants to Counsel of the International Criminal Court in 2013.