SOAS Refugee Forum - Episode #5: “A Glimpse into Uganda's Refugee Management Policy.” Wed, 2017-07-26 12:30

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In this episode, SOAS Refugee Forum proudly presents an insightful discussion on Uganda’s Refugee Management Policy in an exclusive interview with Mrs. Charity Ahumuza Onyoin. For researchers, practitioners, human rights defenders, and policy makers interested in understanding Uganda’s ‘generous’ policy on refugee management, this episode offers an opportunity to listen directly from a practitioner working with refugees in Uganda.

With the rising anti-refugee sentiments in especially Europe and America, more refugees are seeking sanctuary in developing countries than across the Mediterranean sea. Whilst many countries continue to close doors to asylum seekers, with others instituting several anti-refugee barricades, some countries including Uganda continue to welcome asylum seekers from its war-torn neighboring countries.

Mrs. Charity Ahumuza, our guest in this episode, is an advocate of the High Court and subordinate courts in Uganda. She is a human rights practitioner with over 7 years’ experience in the field of forced migration, with particular focus on access to justice. Over the years, Charity has contributed enormously to the advancement of a just and fair society that honors human rights through litigation, research and advocacy. Charity holds a Masters of Laws degree in Human Rights from the Central European University (CEU) Budapest, Hungary, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice of the Law Development Centre – Kampala, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Makerere University – Kampala. Currently, Charity is the Manager of the Access to Justice Programme at Refugee Law Project, School of Law Makerere University.

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