SOAS Refugee Forum – Episode #3: “Lost in Identity: The Struggle to Belong” Sun, 2017-04-30 14:55

Welcome to SOAS Radio and to yet another exciting episode of SOAS Refugee Forum. In this episode, SOAS Refugee Forum proudly presents a discussion with two unique guests who shared their experiences as children born to parents of different nationalities, and raised in different countries. Their stories reveal journeys mixed with opportunities and challenges, including racism and discrimination, and such experiences have also influenced their career choices and other social aspects of life. Nonetheless, they also employ diverse coping mechanisms to deal with such challenges.

Enjoy listening to;

  • Florì Paqui. Florì is half Italian and half Beninese, with a Chinese cultural background. She is pursuing MA Migration and Diaspora Studies. Florì grew up in Rome between the 1990 and 2000 when “Italians of colour” were rare. Despite her interest in education, school has been a nightmare because it is the first place where she faced racism and,
  • Emilia Tognacchini Cevallos. Emilia was born in Quito (Ecuador), and at 3-years, her parents moved to Trieste city in Italy. Although the family moved to Italy, her personal and emotional involvements with Ecuador has not disappeared, instead, it has changed over the years. Emilia is pursuing MA Anthropology of Development at SOAS, and completed her BA in Intercultural Communication from the University of Milan-Bicocca. Her academic studies were largely influenced by her mixed Italian and Ecuadorian cultural background.

In the next episode, SOAS Refugee Forum will focus on Uganda’s Refugee Management Policy, and we will speak to Mrs. Charity Ahumuza Onyoin, A lawyer and practitioner working with refugees in Uganda.

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Emilia Tognacchini Cevallos (L) and Florì Paqui (R), discussing “Lost in Identity”, in the programme SOAS Refugee Forum