Pilot - Sex, Shame and Urban India - Honey, it's Not All About the Kamasutra! Mon, 2017-10-02 12:07

22-year old Nabila gets stared at when she buys condoms. On her boyfriend’s birthday, she spent the night at his house, and snuck out secretly in the morning to avoid being caught by his mum. Nabila hails from the big Indian metro, Bangalore. She runs, she hides, and yet she celebrates desire. What is it like to explore sexual desire in urban India? This podcast introduces you to our series on sexuality and shaming in urban India. Listen to get a taster of what is to come.


YouTube sound bites:

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‘Western Influence Destroying Indian Culture’ by Ashish Pasrija Published on 11 Jul 2011


Co-created by Ruchi Chaudhury and Natalie Tempel-Merzougui