Seminar on Development Communication Nora Cruz Quebral Thu, 2012-02-02 15:03

On the 14th December 2011, Professor Nora Cruz Quebral was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the LSE for ?pioneering and continued contribution to the field of development communication.? In her acceptance speech, she outlines the history of the ?Development Communication, Los Banos Style.? This is followed by a Q&A session including Nick Perkins, Head of Research at the Institute of Development Studies, James Deane, Head of Policy at the BBC World Service Trust, Dr. Linje Manyozo from the LSE and the laureate. Organised by the Communication for Development (C4D) Network.

Towards the end of the Q&A session, the discussion turns to contemplating the future importance of new media as well as radio in Communication and Development (44?).