School Linking Radio Project: Reducing Violence Against Children Report 3 Thu, 2014-06-05 18:21

Listen to what children in Uganda and the UK thought about their involvement in the School Linking Radio Project. Scripted, recorded and produced by the children, this podcast reflects on what they learned and enjoyed about linking with a school in another part of the world.

The School Linking Radio Project involved children in Uganda and the UK aged 11-14 who were given child protection information and training in radio production and ICT?s. Children produced radio programmes, “messages? and exchanged them with their partner schools over a period of eight months. This podcast is a final project summary produced by one of the four school partnerships.

The objective of this project was to focus on capacity building in order to empower children to raise their own voices. Radio production and journalism skills enhanced their capabilities to create their own messages and understand the role of media in addressing equity, accessibility and social change.

Training in radio skills provided children with a notion of freedom of expression, and the radio programmes materialized their voices to promote safer school environments and to share their experiences and stories. The international scope of the project helped children understand cultural differences, language barriers and explore their own identities. Some of the themes they discussed included bullying, corporal punishment, violence, and other forms of abuse.

The project was designed by SOAS Radio, University of London, in partnership with ChildHope UK and ANPPCAN Chapter Uganda. Music – Kasongo by Afrigo Band.