S.U. Voicebox Episode #9: Co-presidents respond to your questions Mon, 2018-04-23 16:13

Join all four co-presidents in the SOAS Radio studio today discussing the past couple of very eventful months here at SOAS Students’ Union. The co-presidents respond to some questions submitted by SOAS students, including:
3:46  Why is the SU not letting students hold them to account?
6:26 Why is the SU acting like a rogue entity whereby they dismiss and intimidate all those with grievances.
8:21 Why did some S.U. co-presidents vote against having a referendum to hold them to account?
14:38 Why were all students not balloted if they want to support recent teachers strike action- is the student union unrepresentative, only 10% of SOAS students voted in electing union officials many of which had only 1 candidate- is the student union therefore dictatorial and akin to a one party state
20:58 Also do you think tactics of intimidation by picket-liners who in turn forced student solidarity (by people being scared to cross the picket line) is acceptable?
32:24 Why hasn’t SOAS Admin + SOAS SU done more to mobilize support for compensation? Especially when international students are paying literally thousands of pounds?
32:33 If both lecturers and students are losing out economically – but we are only supporting the lecturers – how can we call this one-way support ”solidarity”, especially when students are quite vulnerable too?
Intro/ outro song: IDK by Willow
If you have questions you’d like addressed in the next episode, please submit them anonymously here
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