S.U. Voicebox Episode #10: Almost there!! Mon, 2018-06-04 14:28

Joined in the SOAS Radio studio by Nisha, Halimo & Dimitri ~

1:33 Question: Why Boycott the NSS?

10:12 Question: Complaints & people going through disciplinary procedures as a result of the hard picket

13:56 Question: The women’s wudhu facility is very poor and lacking compared to the men’s. Can this be resolved?

15:00 Constitutional reform

16:30 S.U. survey – fill it out here for a chance to win 5x £50

18:30 #SavetheGreen

20:22 What’s coming up

20:58 Summer of SOUL 6th June – buy your tickets here

22:25 UoL workers strike 6th June

24:00 Submit photos from this year to np40@soas.ac.uk! They will projected on the wall at the End of Term party ~

24:39 Second hand bike sale June 5th!!

25:32 Environmenstrual workshop June 12th

25:56 Decolonising Sexuality conference June 9th-10th

26:18 Commemorating the anniversary of the SOAS cleaner deportation June 12th

27:40 Grenfell one year on – silent march June 14th

Intro/ outro song: The Philosopher by Ezra Collective

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