Global Digital Futures: Research & Technology in Hard to Reach Locations Fri, 2018-11-16 16:35

We speak with Lecturer Matti Pohjonen about Research & Technology in Hard to Reach Locations. Matti is an academic at the intersection of digital anthropology, philosophy and data science. His work developing innovative research methods for hard-to-reach populations has taken him from Kenya and Ethiopia, to India. Now back at SOAS he is a Lecturer in Global Digital Media.


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For a view on how the internet is experienced globally. And also how some countries are creating their own versions of Google and Facebook. Read Almost 50% of the world is online. What about the other 50%? On The Guardian website:

For more on the opportunities and implications of tech corporations investing in developing countries, read the Wall Street Journal article Facebook Pushes Into Africa:

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The BBC article Is blockchain living up to the hype? questions whether the Bitcoin revolution has come to fruition. And some limitations of the technology:

Finally, just how much potential does Bitcoin have in Africa? Venture Beat covers the emergence of Blockchain in Africa. And what all the excitement is about:


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