Regional Spotlights Middle East: The 'Arab Spring' one year on, Part 1 - Egypt and Syria Mon, 2011-12-12 17:06

The ongoing upheavals in the Middle East region, that kicked off in December 2010 in Tunisia, had been quickly placed within the framework of the ‘Arab Spring’. But does the term fit one year on?
In our first part of this Spotlight we will have a look on the current events in Egypt and Syria.While the revolution in Egypt was succesful in ousting Mubarak, by now the country goes through what some call its ‘second revolution’. Meanwhile, Syria is still faced with Bashar al-Assad and a worrying trend of growing levels of violence.
What are the prospects for the countries still gripped by this so-called ‘Spring’? Addressing this questions, we visited an anti-regime demonstration outside the Syrian embassy in London and interviewed the renowned Prof Sadik al-Azm.

Script: Samuel Perriman/ Interviews: Samuel Perriman, Mataz Al Shhail / Editor: Stefanie Groth/ Presenters: Nayela Wickramasuriya, Samuel Perriman