Reel Women: Episode 3: Surfing Soweto (interview with Sara Blecher) Fri, 2012-06-29 17:30

Directed by South African filmmaker Sara Blecher, Surfing Soweto is a documentary that explores the lives of three young men who surf trains in the township of Soweto, South Africa. In this special edition of Reel Women, Sarah Marie Swanson offers a gendered reading of how this award-winning film reveals the complex lives of young, socially marginalised boys trying to become men. With clips from an interview Swanson conducted with Blecher, this podcast looks at issues around masculinity, motherhood and fatherhood, and the “lost generation” in contemporary South Africa. This is the third episode in the series Reel Women, which (usually) looks at the portrayal of women in a variety of films set on the African continent.