Nuclear Weapons vs. Humanitarian Imperative Fri, 2015-02-27 21:03

On the 24th of February, a panel comprised of Rebecca Sharkey, Sarah Graham-Brown and Dr Dan Plesch led a seminar that looked into the tension between military strategic thinking and the primacy of the humanitarian imperative. The discussion explores how, since the creation of the atomic bomb, the world’s leading scientists and leaders have made repeated calls urging a deeper understanding of the threat to humanity posed by nuclear weapons. Rebecca Sharkey is the Co-ordinater of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in the UK. Sarah Graham-Brown is the Secretary for Pugwash International, a global network founded in 1957 by Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and Sir Joseph Rotblat to bring together Western and Soviet physicists and prevent nuclear war. Dr Plesch is the Director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS.