Lost in the Wider Picture Episode 3 - The Together Plan: repairing the world from London to Belarus Fri, 2017-12-01 17:05

In this podcast, Giacomo sits in the offices of the Together Plan, a North Finchley-based organisation founded in 2013 that helps Jews in the Former Soviet Union to rebuild communal life. Debra Brunner, one of the Together Plan’s co-founders joins the conversation; sitting with her are Sonia Richardson, Together Plan’s Project Coordinator, Jake Goldman, the organisation’s Communications Officer, and finally, Jonathan Clingman, Together Plan’s Project Manager. The conversation ranges from the motivation that led this small cohort of people to engage forgotten Jewish communities, a historical overview of the Jewish experience in Eastern Europe and, drawing from this history, what effect the external attempt to impose a definition of Judaism has had on Jewish identity’s self definition.