Kensington Stories: Summer in the City Mon, 2017-09-18 12:18

Indigo Avonmore, London’s premier private detectorist, waits patiently for a case to crack, until finally he is presented with the biggest one of them all. A woman knocks at his door. Her sister is missing. Where can she be? Has she been kidnapped? Who has taken her? Indigo Avonmore is on the case!

Awarding winning youth arts charity SPID Theatre Company is proud to announce it’s Summer in the City radio play, Indigo Avonmore & the Kensington Big Foot. Created by young people aged 13-25 from the local Kensington area over just a short 3 day period, the young people had an absolute blast making this story come to life through sound and radio. The young people spent one day working with a scriptwriter to gather story ideas. They then spent the next two days working with a sound engineer and acting coach, to rehearse the script written from their ideas and record it. They also performed a recording live for friends, family and local residents. This Summer in the City project was a taster to SPID’s year long Living History project, Kensington Stories, which begins on 16th September. The project will explore the heritage of West London’s council estates and the stories within the area.


Written by: Karim Flint

Story by: Lakshmi Varma, Katarina Zavacki, Nile Williams & Karim Flint

Sound Engineer: Max Graef

Acting Coach: Jack Bowman

Art Therapist: Tia Terefe

SPID Theatre Company staff:

Artistic Director: Helena Thompson

Head of Youth Programmes & Outreach: Nnenna Samson

Youth Programmes Officer: Josu Jimenez Litago

Marketing & Outreach Officer: Olivia Lantz

Kensington Stories Administrator: Carmen Ali

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