Interview with Habib Koite; One of Mali's Guitar Greats Sat, 2017-10-07 21:24

Recorded over the phone, with Habib in Bamako and myself in North London, we talk about Habib’s ethos as a musician and his relationship with his home country, Mali. We also take a look over some of the songs from his new, soothing yet diverse album, Söo. Forgive the audio quality, phone conversations are a nightmare for interviews, especially transcontinental ones. Make sure you catch what will undoubtedly be an amazing live show at Nell’s Jazz and Blues on 16th of October.
Habib Koite – Wassiye
Habib Koite – Sôo
Habib Koite and Eric Bibb – Touma Ni Kelen
Habib Koite – Cigarette Abana