Interview with "Dear Home Office" - a Refugee Theatre Production Fri, 2017-01-27 18:49

SOAS Radio had special guests Kate and Goitom from Phosphoros Theatre talking about their highly acclaimed theatre production telling stories of and by young refugees and asylum seekers from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia and Albania. Goitom and Kate talked about how the play came about, audience responses and how to support unaccompanied minors more generally. Get tickets to their upcoming shows on Feb 6-8 HERE, and tune in for the interview and a beautiful musical surprise!

More about Phosphoros Theatre

Phosphoros Theatre’s first show, ‘Dear Home Office’, was performed in London and Edinburgh in 2016. It gained 4 and 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and was nominated for the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award. In Autumn 2016 it performed sell out performances at the Pleasance Islington and the Southbank Centre’s Being a Man Festival.
Dear Home Office is a letter to those in power, detailing the true stories of a group of young male unaccompanied minors who have fled the troubles of Eritrea, Albania, Somalia and Afghanistan.
Playing versions of themselves on stage, they take the audience on a roller coaster of immigration and social services interviews, being signed up to credit cards they haven’t even heard of, finding their way around their first day at college, and learning to live alongside each other in a supported accommodation in North London.
With a backdrop of intimate footage, filmed largely by the boys themselves, they show their reality at home in their shared accommodation and perform with live music, dance and comedy, revealing “who we were then, and who we are now”.

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