"Harmonious" China Wed, 2015-03-18 19:48

In Chinese, ?? can be translated in “things, stuff”, an assortment of anything and everything. So yeah, let’s talk about stuff.

Victoria takes you on a stream-of-conscious journey through the musings and questions about China she has picked up as a Chinese-American living and studying there for ten years before returning to the US for college. Through her experiences, you’ll get to hear never before shared internal monologues and thoughts on what is China and what it means to be Chinese today. She hopes that through these shared fragments, you can piece together a story of China that makes sense to you, especially if coming from a different educated mindset.

Fun Fact: if you pull ?? apart, ? means East and ? means West. Now look at the title again. C’mon, you have to agree that was kind of clever.

“Harmonious” China

China, such a great and terrible country, a conundrum I love and hate in equal measure. Okay, those are strong words, but any resident of China should be equipped with the ability to see it as it is, for good and for worse. As a first taste of the show, I thought I’d share a bit of the propaganda machine’s version of China to which I will contradict to varying degrees in the following episodes.
Here we go, let’s talk about ??, let’s talk about stuff.

Track list:
Love Our China by Song Zu Ying (???? – ???)