Governance For Beginners: New Media and Participatory Governance I Wed, 2014-06-11 21:11

This podcast is part of the Governance for Beginners workshop series that was carried out by JT LIVE RADIO, GHANA and The Centre of African Studies in Accra, Ghana in April 2014. The purpose of the workshop series was to engage young people in discussions about good governance in Africa.

This podcast captures young people’s responses to ‘New Media and Participatory Governance’ and the podcast by Simon Kolawale ( Participants of this workshop came from a Senior High School in Accra, Ghana.

This Governance for Beginners workshop was part of the Governance for Development in Africa Initiative funded by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with the Centre of African Studies, London and JT LIVE RADIO, GHANA.

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Music by Tsotsoobi Band ‘Ofetse’ (Ghana)