Governance in Africa Conversations: Jibrin Ibrahim Fri, 2013-02-22 12:19

In the first of the series Armando Conte speaks to Dr. Jibrin Ibrahim, the director of The Centre for Democracy and Development, which provides advocacy and research for governance in West Africa as well as training for foreign NGO staff to work effectively in the region.

In this interview Jibrin Ibrahim speaks in detail about the goals of The Centre of Democracy and Development in West Africa and the issues still opposing economic and political development in the province.
He speaks of the legacies of colonialism and neo-colonialism and their continued influence on modern governance processes as well as inherent corruption in the West African political model as well as elaborating?on the future threats to democracy and governance in the region including the recent addition of the economic power of South American drug cartels in West Africa.

Dr Ibrahim explains his optimism for the future of African political and economic progress as well as how best to focus on fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals, boost the economy in West Africa, and close the gender discrimination gap