Global Digital Futures: Queering the Internet, LGBTQ Representation Online Fri, 2019-01-25 17:50

This week we have 2 guests in the studio to talk about Queering the Internet, LGBTQ Representation Online. Following the repealing of section 377 in India. A law which gives hope for LGBT communities by making homophobia illegal. In this episode we explore the realities and how queer identity can exist online.

Mayur Suresh is a Lecturer in Law at SOAS. In 2016, he was awarded a PhD from Birkbeck for this thesis titled ‘Terrorist’ lives in Delhi’s courts: An ethnography of the legal worlds of terrorism trials. Before his doctoral studies, Mayur practiced law in Delhi, where he and his colleagues represented a wide variety of clients. Mayur was part of the legal team in the Naz Foundation case – that successfully challenged India’s anti-homosexuality law in the Delhi High Court, and defended the judgment in the Supreme Court. Mayur has co-edited a volume on the politics of the Indian Supreme Court titled The shifting scales of justice: The Supreme Court in Neoliberal India (2014). He is currently completing a book manuscript based on his doctoral research.

Tabitha Millet researches in the areas of Queer Theory and Art Education at UCL. Tabitha’s PhD research focuses on developing and troubling the curriculum at GCSE by exploring gender and sexuality in the art classroom. Tabitha has taught Art and Design in a number of London schools and continues to develop her own artistic practice working with the themes of gender and sexuality. Tabitha has held exhibitions in London, Oxford and Cambridge. In addition, Tabitha was recently awarded the Spirit of Soho award for her artwork and the Charles Fox prize at Cambridge for her research.


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