Global Digital Futures: Online Influencers & Irregular Migration in North Africa Fri, 2020-09-25 14:52

This week we are joined by Amine Ghoulidi to speak about Online Influencers & Irregular Migration in North Africa. Amine is a researcher at King’s College London currently focusing on European security. A career political risk consultant, Amine advises leading multinational corporations on reputational and security risks particularly linked to their operations in Africa and the Middle East. He was previously part of PwC’s Strategic Threat Management team based in Washington, DC where he assisted Fortune 500 companies in assessing business risks across various industries and jurisdictions. He has served as a senior adviser to leading international NGOs working to prevent and counter violent extremism in North Africa and the Middle East. Amine is a Fulbright Scholar and has Master’s degrees in geopolitics and conflict analysis from King’s College London and the American University in Washington, DC, respectively.


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