Global Digital Futures: Navigating Online & Offline: Social Activism in China Sat, 2019-08-03 14:56

This week, we welcome Zhang Leilei to speak about Navigating Online & Offline: Social Activism in China. The media and information landscapes in China present unique challenges for social activism. Zhang Leilei is a Chinese feminist activist whose strategic campaigns have effected profound change, but not without considerable difficulty and threat to her livelihood. Leilei is the founder of Chinese group F Feminists in Guangzhou and she is the principle organiser and participator of the Chinese #Metoo movement. She conducted the offline campaign called ‘Human Billboards’, as well as a nationwide campaign to start mechanisms against sexual harassment in universities. She is also following up several influential cases against discrimination of women in the work place and is a facilitator of feminist awareness and training programs. While she studies Gender, Media and Culture (MA) at Goldsmiths University, she is the coordinator of VaChina feminist group in London.


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