Global Digital Futures: Landscapes of Journalistic Practice in the Middle East Fri, 2020-08-14 14:36

This week we are joined by Aida Al-Kaisy to speak about Landscapes of Journalistic Practice in the Middle East.

Aida is a Media Reform Advisor and has worked extensively on media development projects across the MENA region including in Iraq, Palestine and Jordan. She is currently working on a number of projects, focusing on issues related to youth engagement in media, media in conflict, social cohesion and the media and the development of independent media platforms in MENA amongst other things. She is completing a PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where she also teaches on a part-time basis, on media in conflict, using Iraq as a case study. Aida is also the programme consultant for the Ethical Journalism Network and a keen promoter of ethical values in journalistic practice and media governance.


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