FILM CREATOR: Anand Gandhi Sun, 2015-01-25 06:25

To our listeners who are graduating, this episode is for you.

There’s more to Anand Gandhi than to his award-winning and critically acclaimed first feature-length film, “Ship of Theseus” (SoT), which first premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Despite controversies that surrounds SoT, the self-taught film director and scriptwriter extraordinaire, Anand Gandhi, is an inspirational and exemplary role model for creatives who are part of the current burgeoning creative industries.

Gandhi was able to capture the mundaneness of ordinary life and weave together a story that conveyed an extraordinary message about life. In this episode of Conversations with Creators, he shares on how he became a filmmaker by designing his own curriculum to the essence and purpose of creating and making life more meaningful.

Anand Gandhi’s ‘RecycleWala Labs’:
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With special thanks to Swati Sen at SOAS South Asian Film (SSAF) Society for the kind arrangement. Gandhi’s visit to SOAS was part of the SSAF event.