The Fading Kings of Belize Wed, 2014-03-05 00:53

In 2007 musicians Paul Nabor, Florencio Mess and Wilfred Peters shot to international fame when a documentary film named them the Three Kings of Belize. Fast forward 7 years and World Music consumers have moved on.
Disgruntled at their treatment and fearful that they are masters of dying traditions, they are resigned to old age. With them will disappear a significant piece of Garifuna, Creole and Maya music cultures. Nabor has returned to his duties as a Garifuna spiritual leader, Mess carves instruments for the band he no longer has, and Peters has died.
Producer and presenter Louise Morris revisited Nabor and Mess in the wake of Peters? death, exploring their fall from recognition with interviews and rare live recordings. Featuring reflections on the challenges of the world music industry by acclaimed presenter, producer and ethnomusicologist Lucy Duran, and renowned music journalist and author Chris Salewicz.
This may very well mark the last that the international audience will hear from these traditional music styles.