Episode 5: India's White Fetish - Historical & Contemporary Roots of Desiring 'Whiteness' Sun, 2017-11-26 23:02

The unusual attention given to that Caucasian exchange student in your class, to all-white celeb crushes and sports gods; your all-time (and all-white) favourite movies, to those ‘gorgeous’ Instagram personas after whom you model your appearance and ideal body-image; from your desired holiday destinations to the ‘hot guy’ or ‘hot gal’ of your ultimate dreams – India, we got a problem.

Ruchi chats with Srishti, Adit and Vedant in an episode that wittily turns the spotlight towards despair – that of white fetish and its imperial hold over Indian bodies, fantasies and aspirations.


Dil Dance Maare [White-white face dekhe] – Tashan

Gori Gori – Main Hoon Naa

Exit Strategy – Sandunes


Produced by Ruchi Chaudhury