Episode 4: Intimacy is Not All About Sex! - Young Indians Speak Out Wed, 2017-11-22 17:16

Is there a certain movie, food, pillow, song, or place with which you share an intimate connection? If your mind screamed “hell, YEAH!”, then think about why we mostly associate intimacy with sex – and not with the connection made with an only friend at an awkward party, OR when you cosy up against a cool wall, OR use silly voices to talk to those that love you for it?

We bring to you deep and personal testimonies which delve into how contrarily people experience intimacy and how it ain’t all about sex! Brace yourselves for some heartfelt and endearing accounts that pay tribute to the role of intimacy in our lives. Jai Intimacy Ho!

YouTube clips used:

“After Effects- Carved Wall HD”

“American Horror Story – Dominique”

“ASMR — Sounds of sleeves & other soft fabrics!”

“Fantasy Adventure Piano Music”

“Friendship Song – Bruno Mars ( Lyric Video)”

“India Rickshaw Ride”

“Morning on the streets of Old Delhi”

“Pillow Playing Sounds – ASMR”

“Dhoom Taana – Om Shanti Om”

“La La Land Soundtrack 2017”

“The Imps – Shalabi Effects”

“Football Match Audio Sound”

“Jeremiah – Birthday Sex”

“I Just Had Sex – Akon ft. Andy Samberg”

“Rihanna – S&M Music Video”

“Classroom bell sound effect”

“Sonny Smith – Wolf Like Howls From the Bathroom”


Co-created by Ruchi Chaudhury and Natalie Tempel-Merzougui


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