Episode 1: Doctor, Doctor! Where are the Real Gynaecologists? Wed, 2017-10-04 17:05

Me: A sexual health check-up for me, please!

Gynaecologist: Why would you be needing one? You’re not married.

Me: Erm…’cause I’m sexually active?

Gynaecologist: (pauses for a cold, hard stare) Why are you destroying your body?

Me: ……….(say what?)……..

Episode 1 brings to light some questions that no one seems to be asking…questions about actual access to sexual healthcare in urban India.

Sex, Shame & Urban India – Honey, it’s Not All About the Kamasutra! combines humour, entertainment and real life accounts to take taboos topics head on. Based on testimonies obtained from young Indians, Heavy Belly’s Natalie and Ruchi bring light to unheard issues of youth fantasy, love-technology, sex education, clinics, white fetish and Indian queerness, to name a few.


YouTube sound bites:

“2PAC- Changes (Instrumental)”

“Agnes Obel  – September Song (Deluxe Soundtrack)”

“Bob Marley   Get Up Stand Up Instrumental”

“Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up [HQ Sound]”

“Donald Trump saying ‘Wrong’”

“Dr. Dre – Deep Cover [Instrumental]”

“Florence drum parade protest”

“’Jai Ho’ Slumdog Millionaire OST (Full song)”

“Madison Rally March 12th- ‘DRUMS of RECALL’”

“Press TV – Countdown, Full News Opening, Wiper, Background, Closer, Re-branding 2007”

“Supermarket Ambient Noise – Sound Effects”

“Supermarket (grocery store) Checkout Counter Sound Effect 2”

“The Most Overused MODERN Thunder sound effect”

“Wrong Buzzer – Sound Effect”


Co-created by Ruchi Chaudhury and Natalie Tempel-Merzougui

Research by Ruchi Chaudhury