Development Professional Practice Seminar : The knowledge exchange platform on forced labour and asylum Fri, 2014-11-28 17:55

Dr Hannah Lewis is a Critical Human Geography Research Fellow at the University of Leeds. Her work focuses on how immigration policy and processes of migration shape migrants? everyday lives and experiences of work, community, leisure and transnational relationships. She visited SOAS on October 29th 2014 to talk about the issue of forced labour and asylum seekers.

Trafficking and forced labour is receiving growing public and policy attention, yet responses continue to be shaped by powerful images that construct only certain types of workers as potential ?victims?. This talk will reflect on a ESRC Knowledge Exchange project to develop a ?Platform on Forced Labour and Asylum? with the aim to translate academic findings into tools for tackling forced labour among refugees and asylum seekers. This was a follow-up to the first UK study to focus on forced labour experiences among refugees and asylum seekers ? a group not commonly considered in trafficking approaches. The Platform brought together academics and civil society partners including NGOs, unions, legal representatives and charities. The talk will describe the work done by the Platform to produce a guide, posters and postcards for people working in frontline advice and support agencies, the challenges of developing straightforward guidance from research seeking to highlight social complexity, and the benefits and challenges of this type of ?knowledge exchange?