Development Matters: Education, Health and Climate Change Wed, 2015-04-22 14:51

Development Matters: Education, Health and Climate Change

A recent DfID Evidence on Demand Topic Guide written by Dr Nicole Blum at UCL Institute of Education has sparked a discussion about the interdisciplinary responses around climate change. This podcast goes into detail on the many issues presented by climate change to education and health in global development. Education levels are often closely linked with health issues – due to the underlying issue of poverty – what common challenges and opportunities do communities face in ‘climate proofing’ infrastructure and systems? What do the terms ‘vulnerability’ and ‘resilience’ mean in this context?

Clem Silverman of LIDC presents this edition of Development Matters, sitting along side him is Dr Ilan Kelman from the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction and Institute for Global Health. For the first half of the podcast on health, they are joined by Prof. Sir Andy Haines, former Director of LSHTM. Dr Nicole Blum joins for the second half of the programme explaining more about the topic guide, and how education is about coping with uncertainty and change.

Intro music: Podington Bear – On a Wing (CC by A)