Dardasha w/ Farah Chamma Mon, 2019-02-11 11:43

For the second Episode of Dardasha, we met with performance and spoken word artist Farah Chamma. If you want to see Farah perform with SOAS’s very own Rafeef Ziahdah, Dana Dajani and Jowan Safadi come to Rich Mix on the 15th of February.


Translation of the poem “Table Rase” by Farah Chamma

(In French)
Take everything I know
Take everything I know and throw it in the Nile
Like the mother of Moses did
Don’t ask me where I am from
Or where I was born
Don’t look for what is written on my papers
I am no one
A nomad, a lost soul, a simple nomadic spirit
I am a language without meter, without rhyme
I am Arabic, Persian, Latin, German
I am language, unconstrained
(In Arabic)
There is no homeland for me on the ground,
I find it in the sky,
A free cloud, pure
There is no homeland for me on the ground,
I find it in the sky,
A fleecy cloud, pure,
Stretching like the sea, on hold
The infinite blue
(in French)
I am snow and desert,
I am earth and universe
I am the calm of the ocean of the sea
I am the words that follow each other in a verse
(in Arabic) I am Darwish, (In e=English) I am Poe, (In French) I am Baudelaire
(in Arabic)
I do not hear tribunal words
I do not hear rules and orders
I am neither the Constitution, nor am I the peaceful dove
I am Ibrahim who shatters ignorant idols
I am a flower who flows from the ink of pen

hope you enjoyed the Episode,

Marie, Mai and Lena

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